Civil Air Patrol
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FTX Gear List

a. 24 hour pack
1) On your person:
a) Complete BDU uniform with camouflage BDU cap. The BDU cap may be replaced by a hard hat or bright colored cap based on mission needs.(T)
b) Notepad and pencil (T)
c) All CAP Identification, including 101 card, 76 card, First Aid card, etc. (T)
d) Watch (T)
e) Handkerchief or Tissues
f) Vest, reflective, orange (T)
g) Comb or brush (optional, carry if needed) (T)
h) Ground Team Member’s Handbook
i) Signal Mirror
j) Whistle
k) Pocket or utility-type knife, multipurpose with can opener. Swiss Army knives, Leatherman, or Gerber Tools are recommended. (T)
2) Day pack (preferably red or orange), webbed gear, or other SAR/Survival Vest (T)containing:
a) First Aid Kit, stored in zip-lock bag or other waterproof container, recommended that it consists of the following:
(1) 2 Antiseptic cleansing pads
(2) Antiseptic ointment
(3) 6 Band-Aids, various sizes
(4) Moleskin, 2” X 4”
(5) Roller bandage
(6) 2 Safety pins, large
(7) 4 gauze pads
(8) 1 Triangular Bandage
(9) Tape, first aid
(10) Any personal medication (your team leader should know what you have and where you carry it.)(T)
(11) Rubber surgical gloves (two pair minimum)
b) Survival Kit, stored in zip-lock bag or other waterproof container, consisting of:
(1) Duct tape, 5-10 feet (does not need to be a whole role. May be wrapped around a stick.
(2) Leaf bag, large
(3) 12 wooden, waterproofed matches (T)
(4) Match container, waterproof, with striking surface
(5) 1 Chemical Light Stick, Green (T)
(6) 50’ of nylon line (paracord or similar line).
c) SAR Equipment stored in zip-lock bags, consisting of:
(1) Change of socks (T)
(2) Flagging Tape, 1 roll
(3) Flashlight (with red or blue lens), with spare bulb and batteries
(4) Spare flashlight (penlight will do) (T)
(5) Insect repellent
(6) Lip balm, with sunscreen.
(7) Sunscreen lotion
(8) Tissue Paper (T)
(9) Work Gloves, leather (T)
(10) Interviewing Form(s), blank
(11) 4 Moist Towelettes, clean, in foil wrapper
(12 Change for phone calls, calling card, or cellular phone (T) to call mission base
d) 2 meals (T)
e) Shelter Material, preferably 8’ X 10’ (spare military poncho meets the need)
f) Coat for appropriate climate, if necessary (in pack if not wearing it)(T)
g) Poncho, (T)
h) Canteen(s) to carry 2 quarts of water (Some wings require their personnel to have at least one one-quart canteen on a belt while the other is stored in the field pack. At least one quart of water must be carried by all personnel)(T)
i) Compass Pouch, containing compass, lensatic or orienteering (orienteering preferred). Compass should have a “glow in the dark” dial.
j) Leader’s Equipment — only required of Ground Team Leaders
(1) Protractor — for map work.
(2) Map Case (Large Zip-Loc bags can be used if necessary)
(3) Pencil, with eraser (plus sharpener if not a mechanical pencil)
(4) Alcohol Pens, fine tip, at least 2 colors (neither the color of your colored flashlight lens)
(5) Some way to erase alcohol pens marks on the map case, such as alcohol swabs or a special alcohol pen eraser.
(6) A straightedge ruler, at least 6” long (Some protractors may have a ruler as well).
(7) Ground Team Leader Handbook

b. 72 hour pack: a backpack (preferably with frame) (T) containing:
1) Tent (optional, if you are sharing a tent with someone else who is carrying it) (T)
2) Spare rank and CAP cutouts (for cadets)
3) 5 meals (T)
4) 2 Leaf Bags, large
5) Bag, waterproof (T), containing:
(a) Spare uniform,
(b) Underwear and socks, 3 changes (T)
6) Sleeping pad, foam or inflatable.
7) Spare boot laces.
8) Kit, sewing, with spare buttons.
9) Shoe Shine Kit
10) Toilet Kit, that should contain:
(a) Toothbrush and paste (T)
(b) Shaving Kit (if you shave) (T)
(c) Deodorant (T)
(d) Washcloth and soap (T)
(e) Towel (T)
11) Sleeping Bag or Bedroll appropriate to climate (T)
c. Optional Items
(1) Rainwear, durable
(2) Webbing, nylon, 1” wide, 20’ long.
(3) Handheld FM Transceiver (highly recommended for Ground Team Leaders)
(4) Water Purification Tablets
(5) Eye Protection (highly recommended)
(6) Entrenching Tool (highly recommended for base gear)

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