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Commander’s Corner

My Goal as DCCS GA-065 Commander:

To continue with some of the proven principles set forth during GA-065’s storied history and build upon those to grow the squadron. This will be accomplished by: a) Character development b) Mentorship/Team building c) Cadet Leadership

  1. A) Character Development

Cadets join CAP for various reasons whether it be they want to join the military, they like the stuctured environment, or just like being around fellow cadets. This puts CAP in a unique position to be able to mold young minds by instilling the core values of integrity, self discipline, and self confidence. By doing that we position the cadet to accomplish not only

the CAP mission but more importantly they become a well rounded and productive member of the community.

  1. B) Mentorship/Team Building

As cadets progress in grade/rank, its very important for them to help the cadets under them to progress as well. If a cadet needs help, fellow cadets should be ready to jump in and assist no matter their rank. When this is done, the “us and them” attitude between the higher ranks and lower ranks goes away. It’s what some refer to as a “Servant Leader” Once that happens, trust starts to build between the cadets which in turn creates a cohesive unit/team which is very important for accomplishing the CAP mission.

  1. C) Cadet Leadership

Once the two beforementioned processes have been implemented leadership starts to emerge as a result. Leadership in it’s basic sense is the ability to influence people, not necessarily what rank a person has. Some of the world’s most transformational leaders were just ordinary people: Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and Nelson Mandela to name a few. They all had the ability to influence.

I consider it an honor and a priviledge to serve as Squadron Commander.

1st Lt Vince Powers

Squadron Commander



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