Civil Air Patrol
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Emergency Services


Emergency Services is one of the main aspects of the Civil Air Patrol, and is the most important way we serve the community. Though it may come as a surprise, Civil Air Patrol conducts ninety-five percent of all search and rescue missions across the United States, and is the largest volunteer search and rescue organization. DeKalb County Cadet Squadron takes Emergency Service missions and training seriously.

    Some weekends, the squadron will leave town for Field Training Exercises (FTX), on which our cadets train to become Ground Team certified, allowing them to participate in actual search and rescue missions. While on FTXs we do a wide variety of activities from compass courses to mock search missions, and also learn survival skills. The Squadron also practices Emergency Service training regularly by having an entire meeting devoted to it every month.

    Civil Air Patrol supplies professional volunteer man power for search and rescue, that would otherwise have to be supplied by the enlisted Air Force. Because of the serious importance of Emergency Services, the DeKalb County Cadet Squadron mobilizes its resources wisely, so it can train and equip its cadets to serve their community through Emergency Services.

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