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Aerospace Education

Our Aerospace Education

July 4th Parade 2017
Aerospace Education is one of 
the primary missions of Civil Air Patrol. The Aerospace program at DeKalb County Cadet Squadron focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of Aerospace principles, from fundamentals of flight to navigation, avionics and more. Cadets at DCCS get to experience a massive variety of aircraft. Cadets get to fly for free in gliders and state-of-the-art Cessna 182’s. Cadets also are exposed to military aircraft, commercial jets, and helicopters in order to learn about different areas of aviation. Members explore possible career fields in aviation with visits to control towers, maintenance facilities and other fixed base operators. For cadets who want to take their education in Aerospace to another level, flight scholarships for eligible cadets are available to help fund flight lessons. Aerospace related programs are offered during the summer, including a trip to the nations largest air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Learning is an integral part of Civil Air Patrol, and DeKalb County Cadet Squadron embodies this through its commitment to Aerospace.

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