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Cadet Program

The Cadet Program

    The Cadet Program is the main focus of Civil Air Patrol for anyone between the ages of twelve and twenty-one, the program helps build strong citizens for the future by providing leadership training, technical education, scholarships and career education for America’s youth. The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program also uses a rank and grade system borrowed directly from the Air Force’s rank structure. The DeKalb Cadet Squadron is a first-rate example of the Cadet Program at work through young Americans transforming into responsible, young adults.

    The Dekalb Cadet Squadron uses the Chain of Command as a system to organize, that promotes self-discipline in its cadets. The Chain of Command starts with the Basic Cadets of the squadron, who are the all-important force behind much of what Civil Air Patrol accomplishes, and then goes to the Cadet Staff, organizing and guiding them. The Chain of Command continues, going from Squadron Cadet Commander, up through the senior membership of Civil Air Patrol, and eventually makes its way through the Air Force, the Department of Defense, and all the way up to the President. The DeKalb Cadet Squadron finds this link, however long, that runs all the way from the Basic cadet taking his first test, to the President signing documents in the Oval Office, a sobering picture that pushes us toward better performance, a strong work ethic, and a will to serve our community and nation.

    The DeKalb Cadet Squadron trains the youth of the community to be strong leaders, preparing them for whatever path in life they wish to take. We take pride in the fact that that our cadet staff take their responsibilities seriously, complete their tasks efficiently, and continue to astound people in the community with their high level of conduct for youth of their age. Our young leaders plan their projects carefully, execute their plans promptly, and learn from their successes and failures alike to gain better results on the next job. The DeKalb Cadet Squadron sees evidence in their cadet staff of how the Cadet Program is training strong, professional, and self-disciplined leaders for America.

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